Onyx Necklace
Onyx Necklace
Onyx Necklace

Onyx Necklace

Alexandra Ortiz
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Divine high jewelry necklace with a large Crystal Quartz stone and details of Onyx stones combined with Swarovski, hand-woven details in 24 gold thread, by designer Alexandra Ortiz

Many people consider black onyx to be a protection gem. In theory, it absorbs negative energies to turn them into positive ones, increasing human vitality. Normally, it is believed that it develops resistance on a mental, physical and spiritual level.
Onyx is a stone that has many uses and is closely related to esotericism in general. One of the most used is Black Onyx. It provides protection, helps to meditate, be more focused, cleanse the aura, release stress and have greater emotional stability.

Combine it with the same line of matching necklaces and bracelets, just like the model in the photo.