This is how it began

It all started with a small group of independent designers who got together in an effort to create a space where creator and consumer could meet and interact, one where they could sell their collections without the intervention of a big retailer.

The name ETNIAS was created from the main values this group strived to withhold

Ethical  Transparent  National Innovative Authentic  Sustainable

The first brick and mortar shop opened in 2017 with over 23 Costa Rican brands and soon incorporated designers from Nicaragua, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Now with the online shop we expect to incorporate designers from the rest of the region as well as content creators who are interest in having a positive impact in their communities, producing and promoting great fashion, employing local artisans, using sustainable materials and preserving their country´s culture, tradition and art.

Branding Events

Fashion Week Pop Up Shop

We create spaces where brands can grow their audiences and connect with their customers one on one.

Designers Meet and Greet

We create meaningful connections between consumers and creators bringing them closer through shared moments and stories