Meet the designer behind AG by Ana Gutierrez

Ana Gutierrez is a Costa Rican designer with  European background, who shares her country’s philosophy of environment preservation and social fairness. This is constantly reflected in her collections and business practices.
Ana Gutierrez’s wearable art jewelry collection contrasts high polish materials with others in their natural rough state. Organic shapes reflect nature with a contemporary twist.
Her handbag collections contrast tribal looks with modern life functionality, resulting in a contemporary ethnic style.
As a slow fashion designer all of her collections are hand made with sustainable or recycled material and fair trade.
Two times winner of the Diamond Accessories award at Miami Fashion Week 2007 and 2008, her provocative boho chic style is the new up and coming look for the season.
Previous collections have been showcased at Miami, New York and London Fashion Week events as well as the “Le Carrousel du Louvre Ethical” Fashion Show 2012 and Bihjorca 2013 in Paris, France.